SGI 2024

The Summer Geometry Initiative (SGI) is a six-week paid summer research program introducing undergraduate and graduate students to the field of geometry processing.  Geometry processing has a long history of breakthrough developments that have guided design of 3D tools for computer vision, additive manufacturing, scientific computing, and other disciplines.  Algorithms for geometry processing combine ideas from disciplines including differential geometry, topology, physical simulation, statistics, and optimization.

In the first week of SGI, participants will attend hands-on tutorials introducing the theory and practice of geometry processing; no background or previous experience is necessary.  During the remaining weeks, participants will work in teams on research projects led by faculty and research scientists in this discipline, while attending talks and other sessions led by visiting researchers.

SGI will be held remotely (online) in 2024, but participants are expected to be engaged full-time.  No prior research experience or coursework in geometry processing is necessary to participate in SGI; students who have excelled in the math, science, and/or computing programs available to them are strongly encouraged to apply.